Non Standard Studios _run by Tobias Freund offer a full range of analogue & digital recording, production, mixing & mastering services for our clients.  A full host of services enabling us to transform your idea into a final product. Using a combinatio of the finest Class A Solid State Discreet Tube & Digital equipment from the likes of ADT, AMS, Eventide, EMS, Korg, Neumann, Roland, Studer, Telefunken & many more.
These days the abundance of recording tools makes it easy for individuals to realise their ideas quickly and inexpensively in their own homes; what once would have cost the earth is now in reach of everyone. However, once an idea has been realised, and is planned for release, it becomes important to achieve the highest level of fidelity before mastering your project for release.

Tobias Freund _has an exhaustive knowledge of music ranging from pop to abstract experimental techno and everything in between.
Freund's freeform electronic investigations found a more conventional focus in his day job as a recording engineer. Beginning as an apprentice, he would go on to spend nearly 20 years working behind the boards for pop musicians like La Bouche, Milli Vanilli and Meat Loaf. The job, says Freund matter-of-factly, was just a job—a way to earn money and stay up to date with high-end studio equipment.
Freund's engineering background is a crucial part of the way he makes music. Approaching the recording studio as an instrument itself, he belongs to a distinguished lineage of electronic pioneers.  by Philip Sherburne